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  • Bucuria de a adopta

    Bucuria de a adopta

    De când mă știu, doresc să am un domeniu de expertiză. Sistemul nostru școlar ne învață să fim buni la toate, apoi să ne reprofilăm la nevoie, să ne adaptăm. Cel puțin ăsta e mesajul perceput de mine încă din școala primară. Parcă abia devenisem lider în mediul profesional că repede am și intrat în lumea…

  • Sfârșit de clasa a IV-a

    Sfârșit de clasa a IV-a

    Doamna învățătoare Nadia a privit la copiii noștri prin credință și i-a inspirat să se înalțe la standarde la care nici noi n-am sperat cu atâta claritate. Le-a transmis valori solide și curaj că pot. De la devoționalele de dimineață, la responsabilizarea lor pentru teme, proiecte, și ce au de adus la școală a doua…

  • MomCo June 2024

    MomCo June 2024

    I struggled with how much credit these women gave me. Being used to low expectations, I worried about finding my comfortable place. But there was something that kept me around. Maybe the seasons of rest, of distance, of absence, they gave me courage to draw near again. It has been obvious to me that I…

  • Daddy’s role

    Daddy’s role

    Lest we forget Godin the season of abundance. David praised Godwhen things were going great.I find ourselves in a season of laughter.I choose to not be afraidthat this too shall pass.I trust that God is with us nowand through whatever comes,whenever it comes. This middle childhood daysFinding our footingWhile kids find their rhythmAgain and again…

  • The youngest as the only child

    The youngest as the only child

    My brother left for college when I was 14. It changed my life. I was the quiet kid, self aware, peacemaker, never getting into trouble, walking lightly through the house. The four years I spent in the home of my parents without a sibling were transformative. I am very grateful for them. This week Ivy…

  • A doua mamă – Jodi Jackson Tucker

    A doua mamă – Jodi Jackson Tucker

    Un studiu biblic pentru mame adoptive și de plasament Ești “a doua mamă”? Atunci trăiești o viață pe care numai o a doua mamă o poate înțelege. Familia ta este complicată și imperfectă. Ai înțeles. Cea mai mare nevoi a ta este de încurajare, de înțelepciune biblică și de alte mame ca tine.

  • Listen vs watch

    Listen vs watch

    Be not concerned with the fact that kids don’t seem to listen. Rest assured that they are watching. How did I turn out this way? My parents didn’t over explain things to me. I sometime feel like I grew like a stubborn weed alongside them. Evidently they offered some protection and guidance. But they were…

  • Being enough and anxiety

    Being enough and anxiety

    When you don’t register at a mind and heart level that you are enough, you keep giving to the point of depletion, which state only confirms how limited you are and that in fact you are not enough. But God’s spirit in us is enough. Humility protects us from trying to be more and do…

  • Coping mechanisms and temptation entering school age

    Coping mechanisms and temptation entering school age

    When I was around 5 I visited with my grandmother an old grannie in the village. She was making carpets and other crafty things out of colorful threads. My grandmother was also a carpet maker and I helped her with that craft as a kid. That grannie had many spools of colorful thread. I remember…

  • Dependency and leadership

    Dependency and leadership

    My husband’s biggest fear is my untimely death (before him). He wants us to die at the same time. Or at the very least he wants to go before me. We live in my home country. He is still a temporary resident. That will change this month. But his status has legal repercussions. He is…

  • The Truth prevails

    The Truth prevails

    I fed my mind with proverbs and psalms in my most impressionable vulnerable years. I did not have someone decipher them for me. I would pour my mind over them, let them soak my heart, and pray them to God. Injustice makes my blood boil. And so I prayed daring prayers even as a kid.…

  • Time


    We can’t say we don’t have time for connection, for conversations and to read worthwhile literature.  We have conversations. We have connection. We pray at meal time and at bedtime. But we never read the Bible together. I take the kids to church to Sunday school to Christian school and to Christian camps. I take…