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  • Rebuilding trust

    Rebuilding trust

    Winter is depressing. It doesn’t seem to get better with time either. We can easily slide back into old habits of stubborn selfishness. Winter can also be lonely. For self-preservation we learn to detach emotionally. Especially because detaching is not sudden, it is that more dangerous. It erodes. It erodes trust, hope.  If we still…

  • Magnetism


    Over the course of a lifetime we are fortunate enough to meet amazing people, fascinating and beautiful, smart, and engaging, in one word: attractive. But even this word has been altered, tainted I feel. Magnetism in Romanian is not similarly loaded.

  • Cancer awareness month

    Cancer awareness month

    Cancer makes people uncomfortable. Talking about cancer makes people uncomfortable. Yet at this point there are more people who know someone personally who fought with cancer than ever before.

  • A spirit of quarrel

    A spirit of quarrel

    Quarrel fueled by miscommunication, lack of communication, assumptions and disconnection.

  • CouplesFellowshipCluj


    A new couple in our class described how he leaned to better relate to his wife. Usually humans learn this concept in the reverse direction from humans to God, but he explained it so smooth and eloquent. I’ll paraphrase, of course. The relationship with my wife is just like the relationship with God. There are…

  • Spiritual warfare

    Spiritual warfare

    In my whole life, I had not had so much spiritual warfare in most areas of my life. We are in the middle of the adoption process and everything is going great there. And along with that, Conrad and I feel encouraged, happy and fulfilled – a very good season in our marriage. But the…

  • Off handed comments

    Off handed comments

    To my surprise, I still discover people who believe we are financially supported by our parents. Here is my response to them:

  • Conflict resolution

    Conflict resolution

    Today was another big day in our #adoptionjourney – I had the second meeting with the psychologist which lasted 2.5 hours. Today we evaluated my marriage relationship, decision to adopt, my childhood, my current extended relationships, daily activities, dealing with conflict, routines, meals and exercise etc. The role of the state in the adoption process…