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  • Etnia


    La început de Martie, la ora de educație civică, Doamna Învățătoare a invitat-o pe fiica mea mai mare să își spună povestea. Doar dacă vrea. Adopția nu e un secret acasă, în cartier, în biserică sau la școală. Modul natural în care tratam această parte din povestea noastră a fost transmis ca atare mai departe.…

  • Two outings

    Two outings

    Saturday I took the girls shopping. It is not my idea of fun, but Jackie wanted a volleyball and ivy a watch. And it dawned on me that this is it, my opportunity to spend quality time with my girls in a new way, in their preteen stage. Parenting changes as fast as the kids…

  • Daddy’s role

    Daddy’s role

    Lest we forget Godin the season of abundance. David praised Godwhen things were going great.I find ourselves in a season of laughter.I choose to not be afraidthat this too shall pass.I trust that God is with us nowand through whatever comes,whenever it comes. This middle childhood daysFinding our footingWhile kids find their rhythmAgain and again…

  • Self-confidence built by necessity

    Self-confidence built by necessity

    When we do for our kids things that they can do for themselves we steal their sense of self esteem and self confidence. Insecure parents do things for their kids to feed off of that satisfaction of accomplishment.  As a second / youngest kid, I always wondered when is it my turn to be the…

  • A new chapter of connection

    A new chapter of connection

    I was organizing the information for an event on Saturday, while preparing some communication material and listening to Monday night study at Iris led by Beni. Jackie was next to me on the couch, chatting with her friend on whatsapp and researching some info about the Aurora. We sat like that for nearly an hour.…

  • Believe!


    In my youth I was underestimated. It was so freeing! I was underestimated by people whose approval I didn’t absolutely need. That created some space between my heart and the hurt of distrust. My parents saw me and liked me and believed in me. Most other adults I suspected they didn’t have eyes for my…

  • The youngest as the only child

    The youngest as the only child

    My brother left for college when I was 14. It changed my life. I was the quiet kid, self aware, peacemaker, never getting into trouble, walking lightly through the house. The four years I spent in the home of my parents without a sibling were transformative. I am very grateful for them. This week Ivy…

  • Talent (measurement)

    Talent (measurement)

    The talent (Ancient Greek: τάλαντον, talanton, Latin talentum) was a unit of weight used in the ancient world, often used for weighing gold and silver, but also mentioned in connection with other metals, ivory, and frankincense. One evening I was re-telling the girls, the Bible story with the talents. They asked me what fructifying means, putting to good use, enhancing, growing,…

  • Familia adoptivă, leac pentru suflete vătămate

    Familia adoptivă, leac pentru suflete vătămate

    Familia adoptivă, leac pentru suflete vătămate – Jayne Schooler, Betsy Keefer Smalley, Timothy J. Callahan Obiectivele acestei cărți sunt:​ Să valideze încercările grele, inima frântă și deziluzia unor părinți adoptivi care, din toată inima și nesiliți de nimeni, au adoptat un copil profund afectat Să pregătească părinții adoptivi și specialiștii cu informațiile și uneltele necesare…

  • A doua mamă – Jodi Jackson Tucker

    A doua mamă – Jodi Jackson Tucker

    Un studiu biblic pentru mame adoptive și de plasament Ești “a doua mamă”? Atunci trăiești o viață pe care numai o a doua mamă o poate înțelege. Familia ta este complicată și imperfectă. Ai înțeles. Cea mai mare nevoi a ta este de încurajare, de înțelepciune biblică și de alte mame ca tine.

  • Cameleon grumpy face

    Cameleon grumpy face

    The women in my family have a 6th sense. We feel and recognize the dangerous situations and sketchy people. My grandmother used to offer little warnings while keeping her safe serene smile. Men were predatory since before her time.My mother was so relieved to have found a community of believers when she was 18. She…

  • Listen vs watch

    Listen vs watch

    Be not concerned with the fact that kids don’t seem to listen. Rest assured that they are watching. How did I turn out this way? My parents didn’t over explain things to me. I sometime feel like I grew like a stubborn weed alongside them. Evidently they offered some protection and guidance. But they were…