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  • Hair


    For the last few weeks we’ve had one quarrel with Jackie. Hair. And her stubbornness to not keep it out of her face. After a lovely bob she got last year around this time, her bangs grew thickly all the way bellow her jaw. We’ve been pondering a new style, a fresh haircut, while keeping…

  • Rebuilding trust

    Rebuilding trust

    Winter is depressing. It doesn’t seem to get better with time either. We can easily slide back into old habits of stubborn selfishness. Winter can also be lonely. For self-preservation we learn to detach emotionally. Especially because detaching is not sudden, it is that more dangerous. It erodes. It erodes trust, hope.  If we still…

  • Fierul ascute fierul

    Fierul ascute fierul

    Eram la o minunata reuniune lunară cu parinti adoptivi, si s-a pus o întrebare: cu ce ne trezim ca ne luptam, din tiparele pe care nici nu știam ca le avem, ca parinti.

  • Willing to change your mind

    Willing to change your mind

    True courage, maturity and leadership is to sit face to face with someone you disagree with, and truly listen, and be willing to change your mind. Not just give in (to avoid tension), or compromise your belief, but be willing to change your mind.

  • God Bless Grandparents

    God Bless Grandparents

    My parents who live in the same building just a few levels down, have been traveling quite a bit this summer. They always do, but they make sure they are around when we leave so they can take care of Rufus.