God Bless Grandparents

My parents who live in the same building just a few levels down, have been traveling quite a bit this summer. They always do, but they make sure they are around when we leave so they can take care of Rufus.

August rolled in like a summer storm and Conrad worked 9 hours straight every day for a week. I know we have gotten used to a shorter work schedule, mainly due to the flexibility of mixing business with pleasure and blurring the line between home and work life… but getting lost in work is delightful. So these past two days, after my parents have re-acclimated back home, Luca came to hang out with Jackie at the grandparents. We have lost track of time and of her… and it has been divine. I didn’t have time to wonder or worry. And she had a blast. Oh, the tiredness and sweaty satisfaction after the sun went down, her joy telling me about everything she did, the smooth bedtime, the cooperation. What a gift. Praying during a meal just the two of us today, we gave thanks to God for my parents whom we very much appreciate.