Where are you?

It’s the question God asks of Adam and Eve before things went south. It’s a rhetorical question. Because God knows everything. 

What did you do? I asked Jackie what happened. She stared at me, unmovable. I know her stoicism. 

I didn’t even get upset deep down. Nor disappointed. So I told her the story of Adam and Eve. And how God asked where they where, after they did something God told them not to. The story drew her and Ivy in. They were enthralled. 

But we got to the point of shifting the blame, or how difficult it is to take responsibility; and yet that what is hard to do, is so valuable. She said she didn’t want me to scold her. I looked at her with the most genuine kindness and said: “I’m not scolding you, and I won’t”. The ice melted instantly. No fear. No reserve. She was rather emotional. She spoke up clearly. And we discussed further. It was a time to connect. And I wasn’t busy stuffing down my emotions. I delighted in my connection with her. And I am starting to see the value of our stories shared over time. And I know she remembers all our conversation. Lately I see her connect the dots and act with integrity. And that my friends, is my pride and joy! If my daughters build a strong foundation of faith and integrity, I’d be the happiest of moms.