Traveling through layers of depression

I have traveled 

Through post adoption depression 

Gently and kindly kept safe

By poetry and psalms.

High highs and low lows

Furry and numbness 

I have traveled through seasonal depression 

The never ending cold

The wet and dreary weather 

Safely embraced and soothed 

by the listening ears 

I have traveled through pandemic depression

Not alone 

because we had Thursdays together.

Even when I had nothing to say

I could belong and be present 

And when I had a heavy heart

There was room to lay it open. 

Isaiah and the psalms of praise 

Saving my mind from despair 

We laugh and cry together 

And there is room to be joyful 

Silly and free

Whilst having tears in our eyes.

God elevates our spirit.

We only need to show up 

Our eyes only need to seek Him. 

Blessed be Adonai.