Time stands still

After a delicious lunch (pasta penner with ham, broccoli and white sauce) we had ice cream on the patio. It was peaceful. It was warm. And we acknowledged the blessing and the joy of the moment. It has been a long time since I felt this way. And my heart burst with gratitude.

In the move, today Ivy unearthed a notebook. A plain school notebook but it had some beautiful blue design on the cover. She asked me if she could use it. It turned out it was her baby journal, the one her foster mom kept for her, writing a few pages every month. I told her what it was and she asked if she could draw on the blank pages. She sat on the front steps and drew people, with rather amazing complexity, not just stick figures.

Jackie emerged from her room and asked if she had such a notebook. as it turned out she does. Even fuller than Ivy’s. I brought it out and read a page. Her eyes were beaming, I told her I showed it to her and as it turned out she did the same thing as her sister. She drew on it at age 3-4.

It is a good day. A simple yet very very good day. Thank you Father for the gift of joy in my heart.