I’m an empath. Overly aware of people emotions, even when they try to come across as nice, if deep down they don’t enjoy my company, I feel it. 

For this reason, the summer I spent with mama Gloria, as a daughter, I was treated with such delight, generosity of heart, and the elegant simple room I had, with the most comfortable mattress… ah, it healed my soul. 

Mama Gloria laughed when I hugged and thanked her for the honey nut cereal box she got from Costco for me. I was responsible for my meals, as every woman in the household was, and the cereal seemed to be an extravagant treat. Mama Gloria laughed saying that her kids never had this reaction to her buying them cereal. She had received one of the healthiest and joy filled experiences growing up with her four siblings. All five kids believed they were their dad’s favorite, because they felt so loved. Mama Gloria extended the same grace to all the young people who still call her mama Gloria through we are middle age adults by now. Her pure heart, which believe everything, forgives everything, covers everything, is the stuff of heaven. She is the mom that complemented my first mom, and taught me a few great lessons about making others feel unique, special, favorite, even though I’m aware this is not realistic. She saw the very best in me, and helped me see it too. At that fragile age of 18.