We have had a pretty intense week. A lot of heavy stuff going on around us, which inevitably took a toll on us. But Saturday morning rolled in, we packed our car and drove for 6 hours to Budapest to spend the weekend in a shared-with-friends Airbnb apartment. …Two days away from familiar places can do wonders.

In college I had no one to do this with. Much of my determination to be independent has to do with the unmotivated unadventurous context I lived in. To put it bluntly, we were old and lazy. And as a young friend said, the history repeats itself. To them it appears that we have more energy and taste for life than the early 20s group. 

Liviu was just commenting how Conrad and I seem to be of the same mind. We make the best of life together and we enjoy doing the same things. The reality is that we adapt. I don’t enjoy spending hours in antique shops, or visiting five cafes on the same day. But I indulge Conrad and find the beauty in the adventure. And he doesn’t complain much when I find a bench with a view and I sit for a long time to take in the silence. We are both walkers and we stay tuned to each other’s needs.

Oh, how I appreciate and love my travel buddy.

Liviu cooked a delicious pasta on the first night. The guys made us coffee every morning. We walked a total of 30 miles those 3 days… And shared life together. God bless the wisdom of old age.