What my daughter needs is words of encouragement. It’s her lifeline, especially when she struggles, when she doubts herself. 

A parent’s belief in the kids’ success comes before the success. 

I believe god help my unbelief. 

As I speak power into her heart, “you are smart, you will succeed, you will overcome this challenge” I see her stand up straighter. And math clicks. She clears her mind. And speaks with more confidence. 

I see this walk alongside them as a scaffolding of hope and belief, that over time they can embrace dir themselves and believe from themselves. 

It’s not foolish belief. I believe in the God that created her. I see her struggle. I know what the experts on trauma say. But God is able where we are not. And his spirit works though the weak not the strongest. 

Let’s speak to our Childen as if they are the wisest, kindest, bravest, most beautiful humans and they will rise to the occasion. Our belief helps them believe as well.