First stanza – The pillar of salt, looking back

After seven years of self-employment, self-driven activities, I applied for a job. I stumbled upon the opening on LinkedIn and in the spot of the moment I applied. I already had the first interview and it went really well. Hundreds of people also applied though. Waiting to hear feedback. So I’m in the middle of the waiting game.

I have felt very torn, because my life is so busy. The busiest and most fulfilling it has ever been. Somehow, these past 7 years we managed to make ends meet, though we live like we’re poor. House-poor as mom would say. We built and furnished a house int he last year, and our income is relaying on grace. Clients who circle back. Design projects that pay. Translation work that pays. As an economist I have to laugh at how crazy our checking is balanced every month, every year. This dependency on God, and hustle, trying and most often succeeding not to worry, has worked for us. But at times I longed for a steady day job.

When we moved to Romania I had serious withdrawals from profesional community, purpose, monthly paycheck, affirmation, identity. And somehow we overcame that together. Parenting also brings further occupation, purpose, busy body work… albeit little in the moment affirmation. The futility of repeating ourselves, of trying to convince kids you have their best interest at heart… a tough crowd I might add. Only a person of faith can move day by day in confidence that it will eventually click. The satisfaction of parenting is in the small moments and the I love you’s and the snuggles, and the ever so subtle transformations we can miss out on if we get too bogged down by the daily grind.

I love being a mom. It’s very satisfying to me because I’m a glutton for punishment. As a teenager my brother made an astute observation that I purposefully choose the hard way. I told him I do it for the experience, to learn more, to grow. I was not a smarty-pants. That is what I felt. Always grow. Always looking forward to improving my mental resistance.

As I wait for the next step in this job quest, I feel torn. I have a very busy summer ahead. Lots of events. Many projects. Trips abroad, family visiting, weddings and speaking engagements. But come September, as we settle again into the school routine, and winter upon us, I know I will think fondly of this opportunity. And I’m glad the reached out.

As I wait, strangely at peace no matter the outcome, I realize God is the master planner of my life. And I joyful course correct according to his good and perfect plan for me.

They asked when I’d be able to start, given my very busy life. Anytime, I say. Like a young woman on a first good date, I put my cards on the table. I don’t play games. I don’t play hard to get. And I expect the same curtesy.

My sister in law sent in her recommendation as well, for this job. She is amazingly supportive, generous, kind… we have shared the same cubicle at some point. We commuted together. We worked for Apple at the same time even.

I would frame, if I could her recommendation.

I would like to recommend Violeta Altmann for the position of ‘Apple Territory Lead – North West Romania’ I have had the privilege of working with Violeta at a previous company and watched her career and talents blossom as she worked at Apple. Violeta’s enthusiasm for understanding peoples needs and the best way to support them is driven from a deep understanding of how to listen actively, communicate clearly and think strategically. She has remained a key peer and mentor for myself in my career and personally as she is now also my sister-in-law.As you will see from her resume, Violeta is a self starter and is not afraid to ask many questions of the people and products she supports. She has a love for her country and people and a passion for Apple culture, which she has carried on in many of her roles supporting and teaching others about leadership. The partnership of talent and passion Violeta will bring to the role of ‘Territory Lead’ would be an asset to your team and help to carry out your mission of building bridges and collaboration with channel partners. As you will see from both her work history and passion projects, she is a lifetime mentor – valuing and building relationships that will benefit not only her current role but future partnerships and projects as well.
Violeta’s greatest strengths lie in her communication skills with every level of management and peer. She is able to adjust her feedback and recommendations to the audience without missing critical details and goals. She excels at influencing and motivating partners – leadership, managers and sales and communicating concise and actionable solutions – in multiple languages and forms considering different cultures. She has exceptional Apple Customer passion for our products, services and customer experience, and will advocate for leadership and sales goals, providing insightful support.
The role posting details you have for this position Violeta so extraordinarily well I hope you will seek her out for this position. I would be thrilled to welcome Violeta back to Apple and couldn’t be more excited for her to have found a role in Romania that suits her talents so well. I have also officially recommended her via

Conrad is very supportive. In a way I feel that starting a full time job is selfish. My focus would shift drastically, and as I was picking up the girls room, wiping the counters after dinner, putting the food away, laundry sheets, food shopping and having the meal plans always in the forefront of my mind, I realize how many things I’d leave undone if I were gone all day. And yet, discomfort, need, awareness, growing pains and general hard work are all something that we individually need to experience sometimes. Change is difficult. But not bad.

So here I am, wondering how will I fit all my plans and projects this summer into one person. But this is a marathon, not a sprint, so we take every day as it comes, stay true to our calling, and see where this goes.