Work through the difficulty

An actor was sharing the lessons he learned in his debut years. Trying to enter into an audition, the door was blocked by a chair. He poked his head in and said: excuse me. I can’t begin my number. There’s a chair in the way. To which he got the replay: “work through the difficulty. If you audio for a comedy trip on the chair, if you audition for drama, smash the chair. Don’t sit there complaining about the obstacle.”

The daily schedule is packed. Work through the difficulty. And inspire your people to do the same. I already see the benefit of the afternoon classes for Jackie. She had to learn to take the bus. I had let go of her comfort so she could learn to embrace discomfort. 

As a kid my mom to the train to visit my grandmother. She had to change three trains and then walk 10 km. I did this trip with her and I remember how the dust felt on my feet. How my legs ached. How thirsty I was. Plastic bottles weren’t invented so we didn’t carry water with us. On the road there were wells we could draw water from and drink. I remember the taste of the metal cup, tied with a little chain to the well. The grey metal bucket making a sound as it hit the eater in the well. We would walk slowly and would rest from time to time on a log. There were no cars passing. Occasionally a horse and carries would go by lifting the dust behind. My mom did not drive. But she found a way to reach grandma’s house, and I tagged along, small feet and all. I didn’t complain. We worked through the difficulty. To this day walking very long distances is not a hard for me to do.