What I pray for

Our new godchildren, whose marriage we witnessed this month. May God watch over them, strengthen their love and connection. May he braid into their marriage grace, patience, a servant heart. 

I pray for the two foster families that took care of my daughters. Who served so generously, who loved wholeheartedly. May they be refreshed, encouraged, energized to continue the good fight. 

I pray for the bio mom. May she be blessed. May she find peace. May she be safe. We are grateful she gave birth to our daughters. 

I pray for our daughters. May they find their way. Always. May they establish their identity as daughters of God. May they grow up strong and empathetic. May they be kind to themselves and others. May they know the Truth and speak the truth always. May they know how loved they are, how precious. May our corrections, our disciplining, our teaching and serving have long term effect into adulthood. May God bless many others through them. And may they heal as they realize and accept that none of us is complete, and we all need God, because we live in a broken world. May God prepare a spouse for each of them, faithful men of integrity, to love them well. 

I pray for our parents in their older age. With peace and health. May we be a blessing for them. Always. And may our own kids bless them a thousand fold through their lives and character. 

I pray for our community. May we all be a beacon of light, encourage each other, speak kindly and truthfully, may we serve with joy, and live peacefully together. 

I pray for my daughters schools, class and teachers. May they be safe. And learn the value of life in community, sharing, respecting, discovering, appreciating the gifts of knowledge. 

I pray for my husband. May we both remember the joyous times when we’re exhausted, and step up to the plate when things are challenging. May we continue to love each other wholeheartedly, selflessly, joyously. May we be patient with each other and may I always love my husband well. 

May we make bold decisions, wise and courageous. May we keep a clear mind and serve God with our lives.