Foțu Feț – wash your hands

Dear Evelyn,

Your sense of humor is becoming not just more apparent, but you are actually funny to me. 

You are a grumpy cat, when you want to. It doesn’t last long. Less than a minute. But you know how to show your disapproval of our choice of words, guidance or correction. 

I love how easy to read you are. And I enjoy your filter of thoughts spoken out loud. You are a treasure and a bundle of humor. 

This weekend we traveled to Arad, and I discovered you understand the usual phrases in English: wash you hands, put shoes on, eat, shut up. I initially wanted to call these phrases what they are. Commands. But it sounded harsh. And yet, they all contain imperative verbs. 

Alas. The funniest thing yet, is your funny way of saying things. You got much better at saying things clearly in Romanian. But my favorite funky phrase in English is fotzu- fetz which sounded funny in itself. But as I asked you what it means you simply said: “wash your hands”. 

You are hilarious my darling.