Today is Mother’s Day in California.

A few years back I had arrived to PBCC and saw on the bulletin a note about the flowers adorning the front of the church. They were dedicated to all the women who that day were childless due to a slew of reasons listed right there, singleness, infertility, loss of a child etc. It made me cry hot tears before the service even began. It was a gentile, loving, subtle gesture that melted my stoicism that day.

Motherhood was not my childhood dream. I regarded it with detachment for much of my youth. Yet there comes a time when nurturing life, imparting joy and wisdom, paying a selfless price, all these become intrinsically deep and inexplicable desires.

Adoption for us was a long journey of embracing change. We changed our day jobs and our country, our community… we left behind family and material comforts, routine, friends and a wonderful church. Tentatively at times, we journeyed forth. And two years later Jackie was home.

Then change got a whole new meaning. Priorities change, our daily schedule changes, our conversations change.

Yet in the pursuit of happiness on the road to parenting, we discovered happiness itself. As is with rejoicing in the satisfaction of a day’s hard work.

Being a mom is not too bad. We are all gifted in different ways, and I strongly believe that some mothers are more gifted in patience, multitasking, self-restraint, they are resistant to noise, observant and very emotionally intelligent.

Some things come easy to me, others bring me to the brink of loosing my mind (like the constant noise and whys).

Adoption turned out to be a very smooth road for us. We had anticipated trekking and off-roading. God opened doors, answered prayers with amazing specificity and generosity, but the learning continues. We do the best we can every day, while Teachability and Humility have not left the party.