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  • Draw a circle

    Draw a circle

    There is an exercise one can do with little kids, as young as Jackie, 5 years of age. I read about it in the “Twenty things…” adoption book. The social worker hosting our post adoption group also mentioned it. On a piece of paper have your child draw a person. Then have them draw a…

  • Adoption decision journey

    Adoption decision journey

    Is infertility a punishment? I never saw it that way. Maybe because of the way I relate to God. The way I see Him is through the lens of forgiveness and immeasurable love. I have lived my youth bravely and honestly, and pure to the best of my ability. But as far as sin goes,…

  • Post-adoption celebration

    Post-adoption celebration

    It’s mid January. After three weeks of freezing temperatures, today got warmer and it rained. Today we started kindergarten too, after three weeks of vacation. We’ve been preparing our hearts for quite some time to have this adoption reunion in the complete formula. We celebrate family. In a word of “different”, it is incomparable to…

  • Dreams and losses

    Dreams and losses

    “Shame grows in secrecy, silence and judgment, but it can’t survive surrounded by empathy.” There are a few parenting topics which I realize people don’t talk much about. One of them is the incipient stage of adoption. It’s too emotional and uncertain. People can’t help themselves to not pass judgement, while dressing it up as…

  • Perspective


    Is perspective different from culture to culture? Definitely I would say.  Adoption is not talked about much in Romania because it’s rarer and somewhat tabu. While in California it was all too common, and thus lost in familiarity. We want to admit it or not, in many countries there is a stigma associated with adoption.…

  • Are you French?

    Are you French?

    When I met Conrad I knew our kids will be different. The gift and burden of international parents, bilingual and preprogramed with wanderlust

  • What qualifies me to write about adoption?

    What qualifies me to write about adoption?

    Absolutely nothing …except for my God given gift for words, the delight of expressing myself in writing, and the love I have for my daughter.

  • How well do you understand adoption?

    How well do you understand adoption?

    I know now that I didn’t know anything really, back when I decided to dive into the deep end of adoption. But I knew then how little I understood, and I was afraid. I asked myself: do I really want to start this journey and do I have what it takes to survive it?

  • Waiting for our second daughter

    Waiting for our second daughter

    It was a warm Fall season, much like this one, when with intense emotions, with anticipation and nervousness, we were waiting to become parents for the first time. Two years have passed since. We prepared for the impact, like two ships on the stormy sea.

  • My first book

    My first book

    I wrote this. For Jackie. For us. Inspired by the monthly meetings at a post adoption support group. We heard so many golden truths, but applying them feels less natural. I was nervous and excited to read it Jackie. She loved it! At some pages she would just listen quietly. At others she would giggle…

  • Her dream last night

    Her dream last night

    Jackie wakes up cheerful and rested. As of late she tells us what she dreamt about. The last few times there were boats in her dream; and her dreams are pretty epic.

  • The grief box

    The grief box

    I haven’t found my words yet. The irony doesn’t escape me that I have to have such conversations face to face. Yesterday I cried. As the sense of irritation turned into deep sadness. Then I went to one of my last post adoption support group meetings.