Labeling emotions

About the full spectrum of emotions. Honesty. And secure attachment.

I have started to label emotions with J. before the parenting class I took, which reinforced the wisdom and gave me better tools. But if at first it was a matter of layering information in the appropriate context, now I see the results. And it takes me by surprise. It gives Jackie an aura of maturity. She is so perceptive and emotionally mature.

She now labels very accurately my emotions. And her matter-of-fact comments catch me off-guard and make me laugh out loud.
She used to ask me: what did you mean, why did you say that… she files away all the info and now she plays ball. And boy! Is she good or what!

At the dinner table with both sets of grandparents, everyone talking and giving directions, I said a little irritated “I don’t have ten hands”. A few minutes later j. said “mommy, you don’t have ten hands? …Did you get a little angry?” With the most honest serious face. My parents understood her and we laughed. I confirmed her keen observation and we proceeded with a much jollier / lighter mood for the rest of the dinner together.

I believe in our limited resources and strength to filter all negative emotions, we give our child a more rounded set of skills and awareness. Much like me with my parents’ honest and often times raw wisdom gifts, I pray she will see through our limits and become strong and loving and brilliant.