To keep you safe

That is the prerogative of parents. It can be used a a safety rail in setting any and all relevant boundaries of time and space.

parents don’t need to lie to protect their kids. Most of our decisions could fall under the safety category. And we can be honest about it. “I’d love to grant you this joy, but it’s not safe”

Curfew? Physical Safety!

Technology? Mental safety.

Why do we tiptoe around decisions so much? We need to keep it simple.

tik-tok, YouTube? too much TV, too much junk food, sweets, soda, dangerous friends.

I love my kids. All good parents do. And we want to give them good gifts, not things that put them in danger, mom matter how much they plead with us or try to get them on their own. The preschool years are difficult because we have to say no to many basic things. Run in the street? No! Play with a knife? No.

Abstinence or moderation are powerful to incorporate in our lives and parents and kids struggle alike. Yet these two can keep us safe. Abstain from junk TV, from unhealthy food and so on.

it only took a week to leave the house and feel I need to filter my kids heightened desires, as they observe the abundance of everything and the lifestyle of America, restaurants are particular difficult. But while we learn to enjoy the present we also learn to discern, to forgo, to be grateful and moderate. And kids need our help, our modeling and our gentle guiding with words to learn these things.