Think before you speak

Kids love. They have a tremendous capacity to love and to reflect whatever you show them.

My daughter soaks up every ounce of affection, she absorbs me with her eyes, especially when I sing to her. She clings on to me when she is in a new place or surrounded by strangers. And her love seems to multiply and increase like a dough with yeast, when I act and speak firmly. She rests in my presence when I show strength. Even when I tell her to do things she doesn’t want to do. She knows herself to be loved by someone who has her back, and she can worry only about playing, learning and growing. Today, just like Tobias with his mom, Jaclyn would come and hug me tight, and lay in my lap. I was her base and comforter and I loved it. I was her mommy fair and square. And she fell asleep in my arms and slept for two hours, and when she woke up she exclaimed: “I had a great nap!”

Today she had a slight fever from a vaccine, but carried herself with determination and bravery. She is one of the bravest kids I know. She wills herself to strength.

Kids will reflect what you show them…

An acquaintance told me today in the street, as she met Jaclyn, that we are brave to adopt, because blood doesn’t turn into water and you never know what you get and how they may turn out. For the record, that is not a compliment, nor an encouragement.

If I had a penny for every insensitive thing I heard about adoption, we would not need to work anymore. Most things are not worth repeating…

Today was much easier because of the two hour nap, even though she didn’t feel good, and it rained all day. We ended on the highest note, baking banana muffins with daddy. Delicious stuff.