Smoking in the airport

In line to board the plane. A young woman starts smoking an e-cigarette. First impulse is to move away to not smell it. There isn’t much room to move. So Conrad asks her to stop smoking. She replies childishly: no. Conrad’s got dad reaction kicked in. He yanked the e-cigarette out of her hand and wanted to throw it in the trash. It shocked her. It shocked me. He nearly crushed it. I didn’t want things to escalate, or have to pay for the destroyed e-cigarette. Again, she was childish, standing on her top toes to get her cigarette back. She forgot all her English and said in Romanian: “never touch my cigarette”. People were starring. The girls was wide eyed. He went to tell the security person at check in that someone is smoking. She made a disappointed face but did nothing about it. I guess Conrad yanking the cigarette was the most effective reaction. After things calmed down and my heart stopped racing I couldn’t stop laughing at the ludicrous event. Conrad has a very thin layer of patience for nonsense and cigarette smoke. Especially in places where smoking has been forbidden for decades.