About having a voice

From invisible and underestimated 

Stepping into the light 

Being visible 

burdened with expectations 

I learn to live 

With purpose 

Quiet and clear 

Humble and bold.

I grew up singing Traian dorz poems 

My theological foundation 

Music has the power to activate parts of the brain that nothing else could 

My crossroads prayers had words borrowed from dorz and he based his poems in scripture and suffering 

His poems did not have much poetic value and diversity according to my literature teachers 

My poems were also cheesy 

Using metaphors that seemed far removed from my life experience 

But Traian dorz poetry through its prison and oppression epithets and metaphors 

Gave voice to my inner turmoil.

How freeing for a teenager to name the shackles the loneliness the pain

The longing and the sweet companionship of Jesus when feeling crushed 

May I never let you go…

I’m searching for you Jesus…

From the broths I cry out to you…

He was the psalmist of our time 

The broken man who loves Jesus so deeply that redeemed his live a thousand times over 

His songs still echo in my heart

They provide light guidance purpose soothing truth 

Church lasted three hours every gathering at least 

I dreaded church as a teenagers because as a girls I had to wear a long unbecoming skirt and a head covering 

My friends were going to disco 

And I went to church 

But I filled my mind with truth and poetry written in shackles to gain freedom 

I embraced my lolly status 

And from it my soul soared 

Trying to save my kids from discomfort I maim their soul 

May his save me from this madness 

May I point their eyes to Jesus 

With warmth and boundaries 

With nurture and structure  

May answer his calling 

And be true to mine 

May I never run away 

From the burden of being appreciated 

known and seen 

Invisibility is comfortably familiar 

I could pull up my sleeves and do the work 

But not with expectations and applause 

They are my Achilles heel 

Eyes on Jesus 

Heart filled with Him