Simplified engaging American style

We went to church. It’s Christmas week, and quite the experience for ivy. Though initially they were going to go to Sunday school, the kids had a christmas pageant and our daughters stayed with us in second row center. It’s a Presbyterian church mom and dad go to.

it was an engaging morning, with carols proposed by the congregation in a loud playful way. I tell you, it was quite the experience for our kids who experienced only Romanian style churches so far. There is something inviting, fun, catchy, albeit unorthodox as they say. Rightly so.

the pastor had only a short sermon at the end of the singing and announcements and Christmas play. He talked about peace. And read from Micah.

at bed time, as we were turning in, and I prayed with the girls, Jackie thanked God for learning about peace. She actually listened and understood the sermon. Then she asked when will she study Micah. Will it be during religion class? What grade? Or will it be Sunday school?

I knew American speeches are expressed clearly, engaging, simplified, but how cool that my 8 year old daughter absorbed the sermon and got intrigued to learn more about an Old Testament prophet.

I like complex speeches and sermons. Deep. Layered. But I sure appreciate some days like this past Sunday, like a light snack in English, that my daughters and even my husband can enjoy.