Simple rules

After I had a good conversation with Jackie about decision making and empowering her to try, to step forward, to decide for herself many of the daily choices, because I trust her judgement and I believe she will make mostly good decisions, the next day I softened my passion, added some creativity and told ivy the same message simplified for her age. She asked about …ice-cream. Of course. So I told her in a whispered secretive playful way, “you can go ahead and have ice-cream after dinner, every time you feel like it. You don’t need my permission. I trust you.” The smirk on her face! 

Ironically both evenings after this conversation they didn’t have ice-cream. 

Yesterday I thought again about the garden of Eden. And how good told Adam and Eve they can eat from any tree, except the one in the center of the garden. Frankly, the story didn’t end up well, as at some point they did exactly the one thing he told them not to do, but I imagine that even god wound have answered a bit irritated if on their morning and evening walks, Adam and Eve would have constantly asked: “how about this one? Can we eat from this one?” Every day. Every time they ate. 

Or, “but why?” “Why can’t we eat from the one in the center?” “Pleaaase. Can we? Just a little taste.” 

I like to imagine that even God rolls his holy eyes at us sometimes.