it doesn’t take much to make us happy. Parents learn to lower their expectation and become really easy to please, the more discomfort they experience on a regular basis. The things I long for these days are: respect for boundaries, gratefulness, and mind engagement…

Both girls started school this week. Them having a routine is not the answer to all our tension, but it definitely provides perspective.

The other evening, we lingered at the dinner table for another hour, telling stories, laughing, enjoying each other’s company and personality. When both girls state before bed time “it was a good day today” we take deep breaths of joy. There are times when we can’t reach the finish line of the day fast enough. But other times we genuinely enjoy each other.

The following weekend I just wanted some time to myself. And I worry about the message my longing for distance and space sends to my kids. Because I want them to feel that they are always welcomed, and their presence is enjoyable to me. This us where a clear mind with preset boundaries is valuable. Kids will push. And it’s our job to meet their push with a combination of adaptability, warmth and strength.