Psalms of praise

In her grief and longing, Hannah worships the Lord. 

Gratefulness precedes miracles. 

Worship from a broken heart, precedes pure joy. 

After everyone’s stomach is satisfied, giggles escaped, stories were shared, taste buds were tickled, I get up to clean the kitchen. Sometimes I feel the day was a success because my kids are happy, their mind engaged, the soul is healing, their stomachs are full with delicious healthy meals… but other times I feel that my life is wasting away, like water in the drain. What am I doing? What is my purpose in this life? When will this routine of homemaking change? I am slightly irritated, I am tired, the kids make joyful noises but I would prefer some joyous silence right about now. So I start singing as I do the dishes. Has mom lost her marbles? I am not quite happy but I praise God with the Psalms I remember… and you know what? Singing does the trick. Praising God invites Him in my mess, to create peace, to be the Peace I need.  

Singing changes the light on our faces, in our voices, in our posture. Why do we worship in our grief? It is not about gratitude for all the blessings. It is worshiping our creator despite the discomfort we feel. 

This year started less heavy. Almost light and happy I would say. Though our circumstances haven’t changed, I feel the impending transformations of the cocoon.