Letter to my daughters

Before I knew you, before I become your mother, I thought about what I will leave to you. In fact, my keen desire to pass on the gifts I received, led me to adopt you. Not so much the material things, but a feeling of belonging, of security, to make room for you in the front row at the stage of my life, so that you may be filled with light, with love, with the joy of living.

I feel extraordinarily free since I realized that life is not about me. I love God, and in everything I do, I let that love guide me. A fountain keeping its water for her becomes stale. A fountain that opens generously to the thirsty, refreshes itself. Because it does not give off its limited self, but give forth from the Source which feeds it.

This is my wish for you, to be a well in turn. Have an open mind, a wide and fearless heart, a clear and strong voice. Your life already has an extraordinary impact on society, on the communities in which we mingle. Don’t be afraid of the burden of your extraordinary life. You are beloved, daughters of the Creator, never pushed from behind but called by love, and with room to rest.

While I am a witness to your life, to your becoming, you are witnessing my polishing and becoming a mother.

My gift to you is to point your eyes on Heaven, to teach you to discern the voice of the Father. Know God and rest in His law. To love God with all your being and thus taste complete freedom, healing, and joy.

So what do I leave you as a legacy? A spirit of strength and not fear, hiking in the mountains and our evening prayers.

With joy,
Your mother