When you live a life of integrity
Don’t expect recognition
Don’t expect applause.
But be ready to stand alone.

When you speak up
For the orphans
Expect rebuke
And prepare for the mocking.

To recognize 
The right side up 
Quiet your spirit
And close your eyes.

Find your balance.
Listen to God’s whisper. 

As elbows will poke you
And hands will shove
Feet will kick
And the rebuke will be loud.

  • Who do you think you are? – To speak so boldly?
  • Nobody of consequence  (And there is freedom in that.)

When you renew your mind
The uprightness will become obvious
But you will be the odd one out.

Take heart.
When standing alone
You are never truly alone.
Quiet your spirit 
And listen.

God is whispering
Because he is so close.