What is my Theology?

One day, my daughters may look back at my life, and be strengthened in their faith. 

Yesterday Jackie joined me in my quest to stir things up, to inquire, to move stones out of the less traveled path. 

What do I have to give to these girls? Not much by the standards of this world. But I give them wholehearted love and a front row seat in my living of faith. A shield of parental safety and the means to learn. An education. Access to knowledge. And, by God’s grace, I will give them the gift of sisterhood. 

I strongly believe in prayer. Praying strengthen the bones and gives clarity. But we are called to act. To go out and take risks. Be brave, not just from the safety of our home, waiting for God to do miracles. 

As I pray, and ask God to grant me wisdom, I plea that he would move me, and be with me as I go out and speak, and act. I don’t want to act in my own interest, moved by personal motives, but moved by God. 

I felt like Esther. I don’t know why, her story of faithfulness and her approach is speaking to me so clearly out of the blue. 

She could have prayed that God would miraculously intervene (we don’t know what exactly she prayed) but then after days of prayer and fasting, it turns out, her speaking up is how God worked. Through her. To save his people.