It’s Monday

Prayer warriors, join me. 

The battle is on. This week, the much awaited file is opened by the case manager, for review, for completion. I pray for a willing heart. Not a slighted one. I pray for open doors of their own. To find the people they need, to get the answers they’ve been waiting for. To draft a clear and compelling report. 

I pray for the judge who will review it after. 
That he heeds to the Spirit. 
That his eyes see beyond paper. 
That his ears hear the Truth. 

I pray for the red tape to vanish. 
In our case and many others. 
Or like in a photography negative,
may it be transformed in a green arrow instead.
In a right side up world.  

May the plea of orphans be heard. 
May they be reunited with willing parents. 
I believe, dear Lord, help my unbelief.