Growing pains

We all grow. In different ways. Parents and children, side by side. 

This week I set my decibel bar low. And it was a success from that point of view… though I myself cried more, it was definitely more cathartic. Last week I oscillated between deep sadness to hot furry. Disobedience. Exuberance. Disagreements. As I stop to look at the days events with honesty, I can’t justify getting angry. 

I was honestly surprised by the thin padding left in my patience. I would describe myself as low-key, leveled, serious if anything. But Not angry. And as I snap, I know full well that raising my voice is not sustainable. I stop to reassess, make a plan, understand circumstances and act wisely. With a purpose. 

Little to no padding
To our patience.

Key words to the short fuse
A call for help from each other

Extending grace
Asking for forgiveness
Forgiving ourselves
Doing better next time

Pursue connection
Pursue their heart

Seek God’s word
Seek God’s heart

Our role
Their role
Guide, lead.
Listen, obey.
Give options
Find solutions
Reason together.

Grow from the pain of disconnection
And reconnect deeper and in earnest.

Keep the routine.
Don’t overthink the basics.

Step away. Take a break.
Return fully present.