Fellowship online

The despair of dullness 
Brought to the surface
As we face our present state 
of mind, of life

We are still aching 
from the pervasive distancing 
Not knowing when it would end

The virus is closing in 
On our closest community 
fear and uncertainty are suffocating 

The soul dullness dissipates 
Cleared with a gentle breath,
Blown into the murky waters
And we watch 
The mesmerizing ripples

I feast with my brothers and sisters 
A sensitive chord is brushed  
Unexpected tears clear my sight. 

I feel my lemudim community nearby
Upholding me
Listening to my ramble
And in their ears it all makes sense
It’s poetry.

I don’t feel like a burden.
I am listened to 
I’m delighted in
I am seen.

My turn to be a daughter.
I rest.