The Word and a Home

Turning to the Word
I regain perspective
Almost instantly
A thirsty land
In an endless drought
Drinking up the Truth
I only ought to open The pages

Come and drink fresh waters

A word stuck with me
That a sculptor gifted us with
“Seek first the kingdom of God
And His righteousness
And everything else shall be given to you”

Our father is generous
And no request is too high for him

So we ask humbly for a house.
Space to raise our daughters
A space to nurture our marriage
A large table for community
and the Word to be spread as a feast

We made a plan.
It would take two months to act on it
The duplex is still in progress
We turn our pockets inside out
To count our coins
And take a leap of faith.

Owning a house with a yard
Seems extravagant
Beyond our means or standard of life
We have been comfortable and happy
In our small apartment
Where we brought our girls home
for the first time.

So we do our part
And ask God to open the doors
And provide.
To find a common ground price
To agree upon.

I say I want to go find a day job
Outside home
Because I’m good at grownup stuff
Because I thrive in the business world
Because we could use a second, steady income

But right now
It’s a gut reaction
I want to quit my current overwhelming,
Under-appreciated day job
raising two daughters,
project managing,
finance coordinating.

Someone would fill in the gaps
And gaps we would have plenty of

I don’t want to decide
Out of spite.
An emotional reaction.

I prepare my self
I grow
I develop
To serve other families who adopted
As a trainer and sharing knowledge,
Braiding teaching with my personal experience.

As the proverbs say:
it is better to seek and earn wisdom than gold.