Fearless discomfort

I am part of #mopscluj and when I booked my ticket for America this winter, I took into consideration the date of the gathering, and booked my ticket out the following day. 

My tribe. 

I enjoy being alone. I can discern God’s voice and my calling, with clarity, unencumbered by so many variables. But as I drew closer to these diverse women, women who have defined character, courage, and share their journey with vulnerability, mothers of little kids, I felt inspired. Encouraged beyond words. We are so diverse and yet, because I don’t have unfiltered influence over their course of actions, and my power is limited by their own faith and character, I rest in their company. We’ve only worked side by side, for short periods of time, but I saw their lives and hands shine, and their work and faithfulness blessed tenfold by God. 

Before Christmas the theme of our event was “give your gift to the King”. The speaker had a few brilliant words of wisdom. But I especially love the Q&A at most events. 

Someone asked how can you submit to your husband of you disagree with him. 

Easy, she said. God made us to be a perfect helper. When our husband is hungry, we feed him. When he is tired, we prepare a comfortable bed for them to sleep in. When he sins, we confront his sinfulness, unafraid of the discomfort.

The same goes with the kids. We provide connection, we nourish them and we help them grow and develop. But if there are character flaws that need correcting, we don’t shy away from the discomfort of correction. It’s our calling. It’s out job. 

We ought to adapt to the demands of the job. And grow alongside our kids.