It was almost easier when everyone was ordered to follow the same rules. The uncertainty and confusion at every level is mentally exhausting.

25 out of 27 parents attended the parent-teacher conference for the beginning of the school year. Our 3 year old kids are entering the the kindergarten system and it is terrifying. Our kids plead with us to take them into society and show them the world. But they have no idea how much the big world has changed.

We would have to drop off the kids at the entrance into the building, in a very short window of time. The kids are not allowed to sing this year. They can only play with one toy all day; they cannot share. They cannot touch each other. They cannot hug the teacher. The list goes on. Their meals must be catered and there are no healthy fruit snacks between breakfast and lunch.

Jackie’s kindergarten experience was wonderful. For the first time I feel worried for Ivy’s first schooling experience. And I’m not as much worried about her getting sick as I am for the emotional impact and social long term effect. We take 3 year old kids to kindergarten to socialize, to experience life in community, to learn new positive habits. It seems to me that this life experiment would undo us and them instead of building them up.

Anyway, as I look around the social distant circles of parents, all wearing masks, I remembered an important lesson affirmed at Apple. Adaptability. In order to succeed and thrive, we need to adapt. Our mental flexibility, our willingness to reset daily and start from wherever we find ourselves and push forward, will probably be the most tested value and ability this year.

I’m not giving up but I feel like curling up in a ball to cry. This level of uncertainty and lack of direction, in every country, and every social group… it takes a special type of strength to stay calm, collected, hopeful, happy, grateful.

Tomorrow I’m attending Jaclyn’s parents-teacher conference. They may be split into two groups. attending school digitally before or after lunch. And the teacher would have to teach all day. That seems brutal. Crazy.

This too shall pass.

Tomorrow we’re taking the girls out for ice cream.