The best parenting is done through prayer.

in a few days both my girls are starting school. If we cover our eyes and ears completely we remain uninformed and vulnerable and ignorant. If we listen too much to what everyone is saying, we are in danger of losing heart.

Yesterday was a hard day. I felt overwhelmed and alone in my point of view. But I hadn’t even defined my stance on the current affairs, for my own benefit and processing. I worry that most people will be victims of inaction or indecision due to fear.

so… what shall we do? Be responsible. Act responsibly. And live life.

both girls will start school. I must admit I’m so curious about the experience. It may (or may not) be traumatic for Ivy to start school under weird conditions. Jackie needs to get going and get learning.

I couldn’t sleep for a few hours around 3-4 am. And I realized my mind doesn’t revert to prayer during down times. It takes practice. It take discipline. We are not alone. Our lives do not belong to us, but to God. What can we do with what we have, and where we currently are.

we are so vulnerable. It’s surprising. But good to admit. To acknowledge.

Heavier things knocked the wind out of me, when the outside world seemed to not notice the storm inside me. Now we wear the change in our faces. Everyone is. And for that reason, maybe we can clean up our soul, pull the curtains, air out the mind, freshen up the stream of blood to heart.