Acknowledge the good in everything

Pay attention how you speak about the good and the bad in your life. 

Yesterday it hit me. Both girls are anxious about the long trip we will endeavor to take to Bosnia. And though they have never been to Trebinje, they anticipate crowded pools. 

Their complaining irritates me. But I think there is a middle ground of acknowledging the anticipation of disconfort but also appreciating the opportunity to go to a new place, and swim, and experience a special kind of vexation while seeing friends. 

I have to drive my kids to school. I get to drive my kids to school. 

I have to cook dinner. I get to cook dinner. 

And I’a not even talking about difficult things that happen. The challenges, the hardship. I can hear in the back of my mind example of people who have a peace that surpasses all undersigning. A hope about them. A joy in the midst of the storm. I strive to be like those people and be a good example for my family. 

Sometimes we lead by example but there are moments when we have to call out the negative talk, and stop it in its tracks. I dread the idea of plastering fake gratitude or fake joy. That is not my goal. But we need to learn to dig deep and build a new framework for our minds. 

We have so many reasons to be grateful. Things are actually too comfortable and too good for us to apreciate them truly. Joy comes from overcoming a bit of hardship. In our societal pursuit of ease an comfort and health and goodness, we undermine our own true happiness. Lets step outside of our comfort, serve others, see the pain around us, empathize and make willing sacrifices. 

May we gather up the confidence during the good days that we can together overcome the hard days.