I’ve lost steam in the past. I got discouraged as things didn’t change or people didn’t respond as I had hoped they would. 

Aware of the difference in my enthusiasm and vision as I return from a couple of inspiring conferences, and the outcome of my attempts to do something, I started small and I was already grateful for the change in me as I step out of my comfort zone. 

It has been on my heart to build a community of support with the adoptive families. So I reached out to a group of parents and four moms responded with enthusiasm. In the Fall we begin. My eyes fell on a book I had purchased this year: “the connected child” which seems a good guiding book for constrictive conversations. #LeadershipPractice

And Wednesday I asked for an audience with the direction of the child protection services. I pray that God would walk ahead of me and pave the way. Everything needs to be transparent and clear. My heart and intentions, my hopes and my availability to help. 

I got this clear feeling of ease in the company of God. While I’m With Him, everywhere I am is a good place. Seeking His presence and searching His heart. 

A blog post I wrote two years ago, it ends with, instead of finding out what the world needs, finding out what makes me come alive and do it, because the world needs more people who come alive. 

These two go together, hand in hand, the difference is of optics. What is the starting point of motivation? Where is my heart? 

On my heart there is also building a community in my geographical community. Stepping out of my comfort zone by sharing my mind and my heart, creating a space for anyone to be heard and welcomed, beyond the boundaries of who already knows me already. Among the challenges we’ll have are time, trust, location. I don’t want to sell or make something else than what it is. I pray that God would (literally sometimes) pave the way as well.