writing club

cinavineriseara with friends who wrestle with big ideas, social justice and initiatives, creative writing, working abroad, embracing new cultures. I’m grateful for my extroverted friends who push the needle to making things happen. I fell more and more tired and less and less adequate to be a proper host, but my house will always be open. Grateful for friends who embrace simplicity of stuff and debate with us complex ideas.

I was reading in my books about intelectual debates, late at night, writers who got together and politicians, who envisioned a better future, equality, opportunity, faith. As we host diverse people around our table and my daughters participate in conversations or they play quietly nearby and then they ask pertinent questions about our debates, about rights, about politics and about the future. About climate, about church and about writing books… I realize this is it, history repeating itself in the ways we purposefully choose to repeat it.