plain story

Filtering my thoughts, my words, my burdens, focusing on the positive, changes the perspective of my story. I don’t like to repet myself, so repeating my story gets dry, I’m tired of it. But I still like to share my heart, my two cents, with the people who ask us. I want to encourage, to empathize, to help however I can.

A haunting thought I have from time to time is that I have nothing to say. When this comes to mind, most often though, God provides us the opportunity and the words to share His story in our lives.

Something made me decide to say yes to all invitations to speak about our story this year. And I did. And it was energizing and amazing. But I have a feeling that as the year 2022 is wrapping up, I am shifting my focus. I don’t know towards what, but I’m ok to be more invisible.