Wisdom of expression

It’s easier and easier to impart judgment. We asses the world, we make decisions about it, we look at it subjectively and objectively. No matter.

All good so far. But then we start to separate “us” from “them”. When we look with an alert, weighing mind at the world, the temptations is so sleek to judge it.

There is an important aspect involved, but the difference is made by the heart. We look at something that we disagree with, or we find it offensive or dangerous. Do we let ourselves be consumed by fear or disgust? Or we let it pass through us, like a clean window and bring it to God. Lay it all at His feet. Don’t clutter the heart and the mind with worries. We want to make informed decisions, to steer clear from the path of the evil, but we ought to not carry to burdens of the world. They are not ours to worry about.

After a decade of respectfully waltzing though all kind of cultures and opinions, I feel all relaxed in my own skin. I don’t care what other people think of me, I never did, but now i see that my opinion weighs more, I ought to be more aware of my expressions.

I believe it takes grace and tact to represent God in the world. We don’t dump ourselves on the unexpected onlooker. I am on a quest to pull back and refrain from expressing everywhere and anywhere my newfound freedom of expression. Like the good book says: “don’t though diamonds to pigs, so they would turn around and devour you.”

I pray for wisdom and I close my mouth.