I get the best ideas for my book when I’m driving alone, or late at night, after I’ve settled in bed. It’s harder than I thought to streamline and consolidate all my ideas, to narrow it all down. Simple is better. I love structure. This blog has none, no rhyme or reason. But it’s a blog and it is where I process in writing sharable thoughts. But every day I toy with the idea of taking it offline.

Yesterday I picked Jackie up from kindergarten and brought with us a colleague of hers, our new neighbor in Terra. He was quiet, respectful and attentive. Jackie rambled jolly and showoff the whole way home. As we got home I asked him if he wants to come up. The invitation just snuck out of me. I guess he would have known to make it home, but he was excited come up. He went to Jackie’s room and instantly started playing. They consulted the dolls, and read books, and Jackie showed him a stack of her favorite books. They giggled and would have stayed up for hours had I not received a message that his little brother is waiting for him at home. They didn’t want to come out. It was funny and cute.

This is a beautiful age, of making friends so naturally, of having boys in her room, of giggles and unencumbered childhood joy.

Jackies is funny, charming, expressive, socially polite and self aware. It is not our merit. We just try to keep up, to come alongside her and build a strong relationship, to hold us though the possibly rocky future. We want to instill in her values and courage, to burry deep inside the sense of self worth and strength to move mountains with faith and determination.