What does it take?

It takes a first step. 
A step into the light. 
A step into faith. 
Breaking bread. 
Olive oil. 
Healing through stories. 

Tears streak
A slow river in the desert 
Though it bursts forth 
Day in and day out
It dissipates 
Absorbed by the thirsty land of hurt.

Bearing witness 
Is all we can do.
Our faith is unusual 
But nothing else feels as real,
Strong and soothing 
As the unassuming love
We share not of ourselves 
But through the grace 
We’ve been welcomed, 
received and healed
When we were lost and fearful
As well.

We first listen.
Listen for a long time.
And maybe, just maybe, 
words will be necessary
But not before we first learn
to hear with our heart.

The right to speak 
Into anyone’s pain 
is slowly earned.