We stay up late

After we put the girls to bed, we veg is silence. Or conrad reads me a book. Or we watch a show. We’ve wasted a few good hours down the rabbit whole of the internets, but we went to bed more tired than we needed to be. And more disconnected from each other. So we decided to keep each other accountable. And get off the funny videos with no kind of value.

But. As we stay up late, to not waste the silence, we get hungry and eat a snack after hours. After a month of this kind of diet I put on a few extra kg. The lack of proper sleep, and the late icecream, chocolate, nuts, cheese, brownies … such is the life of parenting. Nothing else changes. I don’t swim because of life quarantining.

As school started and we wake up at 6:30, the girls nap without a fight, on time. And they go to bed with ease. Ivy still asks me to stay with them. Not always. But more often lately. So I stay till they both fall asleep. I only have to ask a handful of times to settle down.

As o sit there in the dark, I read a book on my phone. Or I pray. I stead of getting antsy because they don’t get on with they’re sleep, I employ my time better. Otherwise, I don’t make proper time to spent alone, to meditate, to pray.

It’s a season. Yet another season. And i realize it so fleeting. Kids grow up, and we grow old. Their needs and relationships with us evolve. Such is life.

We occasionally slow down and enjoy the present. And we are grateful for the exercise. Because most often we race and chase and if life is not hectic, we find ways to filling up with whatever else.