Two months together

We keep Evelyn busy

Life is fun. Except when it isn’t. When there are rules and boundaries, bed time and business to attend to.

My attention shifted to Jaclyn the past week. We go to physical therapy every day. Jaclyn said today: “I love this time I have with just you going to therapy!”

This 2nd grade scoliosis hit out of nowhere. It’s not visible if you don’t look for it. It’s compensated by her strong muscles. Her back is pure fiber. Doing the exercises is actually fun and easy for my fit, athletic, strong girl.

Our bodies react to events. And Jackie, with all the preparation for having a sister through adoption, a wonderful reunion, a lifetime important bond, genetically connected (even the scoliosis is something we’ll be more in tune with little sister) I think it shook her. To the core. To the spine! Her muscles contracted somehow.

We tried to give her attention, one on one, reading, playing. But she also takes on a lot, as a big sister, as she meets Evelyn where she is to play all the possible pretend games together.

We’ve corrected her more. And saw her maturity by contrast. She has relished in being seen as the older sister, responsible, capable, trustworthy… but the accolades come with hard work.

Evelyn is new, and ever so sweet. The novelty note is exciting and draws you in. Her three year old brilliant mind is fascinating. Her memory, her progress, her emotional maturity.

Today she learned to ride a bike. At 3.5 years old. With a little help and a lot of determination, she hiked all day. With enthusiasm. Jaclyn brought our her blue fancy quarantine bike, with a new water bottle holder, and they biked together. It was an exhausting but excellent day. It’s the end of July and I finally feel like the summer vacation is here.