Reminiscing week

At meal time we pray. Evelyn squints her eyes as she lists the things she prays for. Sometimes she goes on and on. I look at her with glee. She is so endearing.

I am so curious about what her mind processes, that I find this exercise to be very telling. A few days ago she prayed for her foster mom, and the kids she is taking care of. She is always thankful for each member of the family and for her life, she says. Then she starts listing the stuff on the table and then we encourage her to finish.

Then she tells us stories. So many stories about her foster family, what they did, the pets, livestock, the food they ate, the jokes they made. She seems happy and light about it …but I guess deep down she processes things.

I sent some pictures to the foster family, and it seems they miss her dearly. It’s still painful for them. I wonder what I should do to ease their longing. Share more or less about Evelyn with them. I want to go back and visit with them, after the 90 days home full time, but by then the fire will have died down on its own. Then one would ask: “what is the point?”
Jackie was nervous and awkward the first visit back. She was taller, more eloquent, and less pink.
I worry for the foster family. They seem to have kept Evelyn deep in their hearts. But that’s not my journey to take, mourning her departure and separation. This is the one thing I’m quite clear about, for which I needn’t take any responsibility for.