Things J says at age 4.5

° She wakes up and goes to the living room where she finds daddy playing angry birds on his iPhone. “What are you doing daddy?” – playing a game – “Mommy said no more games on the phone in the morning. How many times do you want her to say this? A thousand times?”

° Bunica raises her voice at her cousin when he kept hitting the bike she was trying to clean. It took them both by surprise. J says: “Bunica! What you doing? Grammies are not supposed to get angry! Ever! Apologize to Luca!”

° Trying to get a puzzle from under the couch: “Daddy, please let me focus!”

° “Mommy, can you give me these clothes of yours when I grow up?”

° “I don’t know what’s up with me. I seem to do things I don’t want to. I think I’m tired.”

° Asking indirectly: “Who wants to play with me? I’m craving something (as she sees cake on a plate).

° “I’m a little upset” or “I’m frustrated” when she doesn’t get her way.

° Calls way past bed time and says: “I’m a little *sighing” – so? “I need you to come and give me a kiss”.