Wholehearted laughter and charm

We were at the pool, swimming, I was doing laps, jackie was diving.

She is so independent in the water now. Then I decided to show her how to float. Relax her body above water and just float. I did it first. Then I was holding her body with one hand. I told her to take a deep breath and hold it in. She obeyed. But when holding it in part came, she brought her little hands on her tummy “to hold it in”. I laughed wholeheartedly. She laughed a full belly laughter too, and then farted, and then we laughed some more. It was glorious. I saw people around us smiling. We must be quite the sight. After swimming we have to pass through the gym where the air is a lot cooler. So we run to the sauna for 5 minutes. Jackie gets deep in whispered conversation and while at first i was concerned that we may bother the other ladies who happen to be there, they are always drawn to contribute to our conversation and always comment how wonderfully charming and witty my daughter is. Every single time.

I wish I could tell them all about adoption. That children reflect our heart, and they blossom when they are cared for. I don’t want to take anything from jaclyn’s shine, her perfect uniqueness. Adoption is just part of her story, intertwined with who she was created to be, strong, beautiful, aware, kind, smart. Her EQ is through the roof. It is what shines most during this idillic season of childhood.