South of France for a week

We counted the days carefully and patiently. Jackie knew clearly all the details of our vacation: when, where, how long, with whom… I make a point to never lead her on, to be honest and always keep my word.

We packed our luggage, printed the boarding passes, brought our passports and met the crew at the airport, excitement and all. There is chemistry and kindness between the kids. There is honesty and pushing limits as it should, small quarrels and making up, practicing healthy social skills. As for the adults… it was pure grace and joy and serving hearts and kindness. Maybe the best vacation I’ve been on.

Livia’s home is a haven and a little corner of heaven. The food is the best I’ve had on any of my trips (we cooked at home with delicious ingredients). If the situation required it I think I could live like this, in a commune with these women.

The only regret I have is that on this trip I have been served more than I could serve them. They/we raced to do things for each other. My cup is full and my faith restored.

After five nights in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, with private perfect pool, while air temperature was in the 90s, when kids would wake up in a good mood, put the bathing suits on and go play in the pool. We would savor the coffee in silence, in that perfectly breezy, large, comfortable kitchen.

We explored on some days some million years old caves. South of France used to be under the sea, and that area was filled with corals. When the Alps expanded, they covered the corals and the land expanded. Over time the corals were washed by river underground and this way the most amazing caves were created. 500 ft underground. we visited such a cave and it was an amazing experience, with a classical music concert of lights.

Tne we traveled to Cannes for three days – the warm blue water, the gorgeous architecture and the mountains. With a few nice surprises of kindness and excellent service, some people we came across were a bit grumpy. English was scarcely understood by the locals. Alas, the South of France is brilliant.

We went on a day cruise which costed 34 euro per adult. And on the last day we hiked up to the old stone church/fortress on the hill. We bought ice-cream any chance we got… for the kids 😉 we were just collateral damage.

I can’t believe how smooth this trip was. It was all pure grace. There was a time when we felt it was a bit unrealistic, too much trouble with the logistics, unforeseeable expenses. But old friendships are such a blessing. Human nature likes to change the group/context rather than adapt and change themselves. While I am grateful for so many new contexts, friends, sisters in arms, my heart rejoices in the gift of shared history with this amazing women.