Some thoughts

“We are drowning in information yet we are starving of wisdom.”

Parenting. We came late to the party. We are rested but easier to confuse with an overload of information. Watching a movie the other day reminded me that we are all screwed up. And even a too perfect of a childhood, in a way, screws one up in adulthood.

We, all of a sudden embarked on learning everything about doing it right from the start and say the right thing and help and pull back, but as I remember my childhood I realize we need to continue to live a little. And continue to be husband and wife, and co-founders, and travelers, and adapt as we go.

I have a tendency to overthink and I am getting this feeling that I am close to the overthinking limit. So I “think” it’s time to let go some and enjoy the ride… and just trust my gut.